Chase Online Banking Agreement

(i) violate the terms and conditions of account documents and do not contrafly an agreement between the customer and the bank; and change or cancellation instructions for the transfer. You can cancel or change an electronic transfer request by deleting or changing the transfer statement from the transfer screen on our online banking site. To do this, you must negotiate before 10:00 a.m. .m Pacific Time (16:00 P.m Pacific Time for transfers with your accounts to other financial institutions) on the business day prior to the transfer date. Note: You can`t cancel or change transmissions with your mobile device. Mobile banking, bank text and downloadable app are only available to online banking participants. These services are subject to all conditions applicable to the service. You must also have previously set up payment managers in the online bank to be able to use these functions in mobile banking. (g) the client is entitled to enter into this agreement, each SA and the AU are entitled to exercise and enforce all their rights and obligations under this agreement, and this agreement, the legal agreements relating to the Chase Connect service and the account documents are each a legal, valid and binding agreement of the client that can be implemented under the specified conditions; 3.3.4 The bank may at any time provide the customer or one of its employees with an additional, new or replacement security procedure (together a “new security procedure” which is considered an offer from the bank. The customer may accept this offer by implementing such a procedure in accordance with the instructions of the banks. This assumption constitutes the customer`s acceptance that the security procedure defined by the bank at the time of adoption for the customer and for each of its employees (which is not limited to such a new security procedure) has been established, taking into account the possible administrative procedures available for the use of the customer and all unilateral procedures and other levels of security that the bank can use with the service from time to time. , without obligation and at the Sole Discretion of the Bank. , an economically viable method to ensure the security of unauthorized payment orders and other instructions, as well as, in general, and for the particular use of the service by the customer.

The customer expressly accepts that the customer refused the new security procedure and has chosen the existing security procedure after (a) the customer has expressly refused the new security procedure or (b) the customer has not fully implemented the new security procedure in the banks` instructions and in accordance with the instructions of the banks (formerly (a) or (b) of the NSP decline date).