Sjog Hsu Agreement

11 (9) Notwithstanding the previous provisions of this clause, a guardian may, on written request from a guardian and subject to the employer`s consent, work normal hours outside the normal conditions of his or her status. In the event of such an agreement, the employer is not required to pay a shift work allowance or a fine that would otherwise be payable. The employer and guardian can opt out of this agreement by providing written advice to the other party. (10) The employer finds that fixed-rate employment is the preferred form of commitment to caregivers and that casual employment and placement are not the preferred methods of care assistance or related services. To this end, the employer will continue to minimize the use of casual and temporary workers in its facilities and will ensure that, where possible, overtime is provided to permanent nurses prior to the employment of casual or temporary workers. 17.PART-TIME (1) A part-time tutor will be guaranteed a minimum number of hours per fourteen days. 2. A designated part-time tutor is paid in proportion to the prescribed rate for the work class on which he or she is worked, amounting to 38 rates of pay. A part-time tutor receives annual leave, sick leave, compassionate leave and study leave in the same way as full-time tutors. The payment of this leave is equal to the ratio of his usual weekly hours, which is 38 on average of the qualification period. When a designated part-time guardian receives leave taken by the divider, it is 40 years old. 3. A designated part-time tutor may work by mutual agreement on overtime: at normal rates subject to the normal parameters of a full-time guardian`s turnover table and the provisions of this clause, in this case overtime is charged on the allocation of leave entitlements; or ordinary rates (plus shift work or weekend penalties) plus a 20% charge, in which case overtime is not charged on taking into account the leave rights.

(4) All part-time assistants are required to decide in writing which agreement applies. Facilitators can change their chosen preference on the anniversary of their engagement by imposing at least two weeks in writing. 18. CASUAL (1) An occasional rate is paid at 1/38 of the weekly basic rate under Article 25 – Wages, for each hour worked, plus an additional 20%. Assuming that when a casual worker is employed with hours of work resulting in overtime pay, overtime pay is mandatory, not the additional 20% charge. 2. A casual worker receives no entitlement to leave under this agreement, except for leave entitlements under point 36 (9) under the Fair Work Act TEMPORARY AND FIXED TERMMENTS (1) who are incurred by a term or term term or term term guardian and who receive the same benefits as a permanent guardian. (2) Nothing in this agreement limits the right of the employer or guardian to terminate the undertaking within the allotted time, in accordance with the provisions of Article 11 of the separation.