Subcontractor Agreement Florida

Information Form for Subcontractors/Traders/Resellers – This form should contain a complete list of all subcontractors, traders or resellers under the contract or state agreement, until the DMS contract manager has approved the new subcontractors, traders or resellers. If the additions are approved, this form will be published on the DMS website. Contractors with an active state contract or a contract purchased by the Department of Public Procurement should use the confirmation form for subcontractors/resellers/resellers and subcontractors/resellers/resellers to add or confirm subcontractors, traders or resellers to a particular state contract or contract. Please note that subcontractors, traders or resellers must be authorized by the terms of the contract or state agreement. Forms must be completed in the format provided and forwarded to the contract manager assigned to the Department of Management Services (DMS). No subcontractor, distributor or reseller may be used until written permission has been granted by the mandated DMS contract manager. The DMS Contract Manager may return the forms submitted to the Contractor if the form is modified, is not fully completed or contains false information. If you have any questions or need help with forms, please contact your DMS contract manager. Contact information for the Contract Manager is made available for each Government Contract and any agreements listed on the State Contracts and Agreements website. Contract Confirmation Form/Distributor/Reseller (22.02 KB) – This form should contain new subcontractors, distributors or resellers that the contractor wishes to add to the contract or state agreement. Subcontractors, merchants or resellers previously approved by the DMS Contract Manager should not be included. .

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