Wrekin Housing Trust Tenancy Agreement

These properties are rented to people in need from the Council`s Housing Register for a flexible type of rental. Additional nursing homes allow you to live as independently as possible in the safety and privacy of your own home, but give you peace of mind that 24-hour emergency help is available. Extra Care offers a living space with self-contained and barrier-free one- or two-room apartments or apartments, which you can rent with your own rental agreement or partly your own. They are specially built or adapted to support people with care and support needs. This can include shared equity (shared ownership and equity loans), other low-cost homes for sale, and temporary rent, but not affordable rental housing. There are different types of affordable housing throughout Shropshire. Here you can discover all the possibilities available to you. See what types of rentals are available and learn more about our Homecheck service. The Home Management section contains information about home insurance, tenant admission, rental fraud, pet care, and what to do if you decide to cancel your tenancy.

Extra Care Housing is designed for people who need a little extra help to take care of themselves. Please ensure that these responsibilities are met so as not to violate your rental conditions. These are described below, but you can also find much more information and tips on affordable housing and other housing issues here on our website. This type of housing is rented at a low rent on a secure basis to those who desperately need housing. In addition to the affordable housing options listed above, there are additional options for new homeowners in Shropshire. Being a good neighbor is part of your rental. The actions of a few can affect quality of life and here you will find useful information about what is considered antisocial behavior, useful terms and tips on what to do if you are considering. A fixed initial minimum rental period of 12 months is granted by the owner, which extends over an additional 2 years (and beyond by mutual agreement), provided that there is no violation of the rental that causes the owner to request possession. If you are a new resident, you will receive a copy with other documents when you sign your lease. On our Money Matters page you will find information on the cost of additional nursing homes Discounted rental housing allows people in the Council`s Housing Registry to rent a property in a short-term rental guaranteed by the owner in accordance with the provisions of the Housing Act 1988 as amended by the Housing Act 1996 (and subsequent laws). Wrekin Housing Trust (Wrekin) is an experienced service provider on its own and also provides repair services to other small housing associations, although the head office is in Telford, they have staff working in and around Birmingham. All their agents will carry identity cards.

The worst organization I think I had the misfortune to face. From the way I was approached, the way people talked about me and what was written about me, I found their managers and board of directors rude, without basic understanding and, in my opinion, very un professional. .