Uni Trier Internship Agreement

Please send a proposal for a new bilateral agreement or renewal of the binding agreement under the Erasmus or Campus Europae programme directly to faculty or department coordinators at the University of Lodz. The educational institution or school can usually submit a standard internship contract form. The employer is not obliged to enrol in the Joint Social Security Centre (SSCC) or pay dues for students who do an internship (paid or otherwise): ERASMUS means “European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility Of University Students” and its mission is to help students who wish to study abroad at a European Union university. Erasmus provides funding for internships and internships abroad. Schools and universities are increasingly hosting training courses (internships) in their teaching programmes. It allows students to discover professional work environments and gain their first professional experience. Students can participate in ERASMUS at the end of their first year of study. During the studies (bachelor or master`s degree), students can only benefit from support for studies abroad through ERASMUS (SMS program) and a single internship abroad (SMP program). In other words, it is possible to get an SMS and an SMP scholarship, but never two such scholarships. The University of Trier is a research university where, as a hamline, free arts and social sciences predominate. The university distinguishes itself in the fields of business management, economics, geography/earth, history, international relations, languages, linguistics, applied mathematics, political science, law and psychology. Interdisciplinary programmes are offered in European studies, East Asian studies, environmental studies, information and communication sciences, women`s and gender studies, and public health.

Hamline needs three weeks of orientation before the fall and spring semesters, including intensive German classes. Program and accommodation costs during this orientation are included in the Hamline exchange contract. Language courses are taught during the academic year and are included in the program fee. It is the employer`s concern that the trainee is insured by accident insurance. To this end, he can refer to the internship contract proposed by the foreign educational institution or ask the trainee to contact the relevant body of his country of origin to obtain a certificate certifying that it is insured by accident insurance. See here: www.uni-trier.de/index.php?id=29715#c66064 Meet At Uni Trier, exhibitors from participating companies learn about internships, part-time jobs, theses, internships and permanent jobs. Go Increase your chances and sign up on the career portal to draw companies` attention to the company before the event and request interviews for the day of the show. DAAD is also a good source of information on ERASMUS, with specific sections for stays abroad and internships abroad. An employer wishing to host an intern must take out an internship contract or an internship contract (regulated internship).

More information from the University of Trier on the Corona epidemic: www.uni-trier.de/index.php?id=72266 Work during an internship has an educational character.