Hocking Stuart Rental Agreement

We dealt with a few different agents who degenerated Stewart, and at all levels they were professional and easy to treat. Codie J Smith was our direct contact and he was absolutely fantastic. I`m surprised to see the other reviews on this site, given the quality experience we had. Thanks to Codie and the team! I can`t thank Phil Down enough for hockingstuart for making my buying experience such a pleasure. Even great support throughout the same post perchase prosese. It`s good to work with professionals who are highly recommended!! Jenni Ter Haar is an excellent agent, friendly, very professional agent, helped us to get a good rental houseYou are the best candidate to be rewarded Best Agent Property We rent, bought an investment property recently and currently rent this property with this agency, the rent we are also put up for sale while we rent it and they were as good with respect for our needs, as far as making available special attention to my nervous cat when opening. We have never had bad experiences and we find them ethical and understanding. I left the public housing 7 months ago, there were two tenants after me who deposited all the necessary papers to transfer the lease and the loan, these papers were not processed and my name was not removed from the loan. In addition, the agent spoke to a new client as if the transmission process was complete (I saw emails).

I asked for confirmation that I was not rented and received it the same day from the agent. But I checked information on the Website of Bond Authorities and my name is still there … You`d probably prefer to be with an agent you can actually trust, don`t walk with crouching stuart… Hi, we`re sorry we heard about your experience. Please email more details to customerservice@hockingstuart.com.au so we can investigate. Both the owner and the occupier must sign the contract. Rent is the money that the contract says must be paid by the tenant or occupier so that they can stay in the premises they rent and use the services and facilities offered. The contract provides whether the rent must be paid weekly, fourteen days, monthly or for another agreed period. We inspected a house for sale in Burnside Heights Vic 3023 of Hockingstuart Caroline Spring.

We were both very interested and willing to make an offer. I asked twice for the sales contract, but I did not receive a response. So I tried to arrange a meeting at the office to make a written offer, but the seller (I think he`s a manager) said he had already received an offer, so just tell him on the phone how much we can afford. Then I answered, I wanted to put the offer in the contract, so that the seller could check my offer and they mak… My sister has terminal cancer (6-12 months) and she and her family are currently renting through your agency in Berwick. Your rent was late maybe a handful of times in 6 years – never late enough to warrant an injury notice Do you think. Your agency gave him 2 months to clean up what`s right – but your real estate manager is talking to any agent who rings for a referral – we had this confirmed by a real estate manager from another agency, where my sister had filed a lease.